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Faith’n’Family – Miscarriage: Coping with Loss

With guests Toni Larson and Rev. Steven Cholak.

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DCEs and Schools

Faith’n’Family – National Association of DCEs; Lutheran Schools Engage Parents

With guests Brent Howard, Dr. Debbie Arfsten, Daniel Meyer, and Dr. Rebecca Schmidt.

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Faith’n’Family – Ethics and Vocation in Nazi Germany

With guest Seminarian Paul Flo.

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Intersect Art STL

Faith’n’Family – Art and Community Empowerment

With guest Sarah Bernhardt.

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Disaster Response

Faith’n’Family – LCMS Disaster Response; Lutheran Church of Lithuania; Ambassadors of Reconciliation

With guests Rev. Ross Johnson from LCMS Disaster Response and Al Dowbnia from LCMS Communications; Bishop Mindaugas Sabutis, Vilte Keturkaite, Dovydas Jonas Sulskis, and Tomas Kalvanas of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lithuania; and Dwight Schettler from Ambassadors of Reconciliation.

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