Our People

On Air Staff

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Rev. Craig Donofrio, KFUO Assistant Director of Broadcast  Services

Rev. Craig Donofrio

Email: Craig.Donofrio@kfuo.org

Phone: (314) 996-1540

Andy Bates, KFUO Host of Faith'n'Family

Andy Bates

Email: Andrew.Bates@kfuo.org

(314) 996-1519


Rev. Mark Hawkinson

Email: Mark.Hawkinson@kfuo.org

Kip Allen

Kip Allen

Email: Kip.Allen@kfuo.org

Buzz Ullrich

Buzz Ullrich

Email: buzzu@kfuo.org

(314) 996-1516

Rev. Tom Baker, Host of Law and Gospel

Rev. Tom Baker

Email: LawandGospel@lawandgospel101.com

Chaplain William Weedon

Chaplain William Weedon

Email: William.Weedon@lcms.org

 Administration Staff

Gary Duncan

Gary Duncan

Email: gduncan@kfuo.org

Phone: (314) 996-1511


Joanie Harwell

Email: jharwell@kfuo.org

Phone: (314) 996-1512


Sidney Kendall

Email: Sidney.Kendall@kfuo.org

Phone: (314) 996-1514

Mary Schmidt

Mary Schmidt

Email: mary.schmidt@kfuo.org

Phone: (314) 996-1518


Jenny Williams

Email: jennyw@kfuo.org

Phone: (314) 996-1515