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Friday, June 27, 2014

Christ in Conflict: Lessons from Jesus and His Controversies

by John Stott (Interview with Rev. Rossow)

"Christ in Conflict: Lessons from Jesus and His Controversies" by John StottWe often imagine Jesus as the ultimate peacemaker, as one who saw all sides and kindly overlooked differences of belief or practice. The Gospels say this was not so. Jesus drew sharp lines. He disagreed with many. He rejected being broadminded on a variety of topics. He engaged in vigorous debate, especially with several different groups of religious leaders. What conflicts did he have?

  • He argued that we would experience a supernatural afterlife, that our natural existence is not all God has planned.
  • He disagreed that human tradition should not supersede Scripture, our foundational authority.
  • He clashed on whether the Bible was not an end in itself, contending that its purpose pointed beyond itself.
  • He sharply articulated that God accept us by virtue of what we receive from him, not by what we do for him.

These and other controversies clarify the core distinctives of the Christian faith which, John Stott boldly asserts, are nothing less than the distinctives of the evangelical faith. This text of Stott’s classic, Christ the Controversialist, now edited by David Stone for the twenty-first century, was controversial when it was first published. It is no less controversial today.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Your Marriage by God’s Design

by Scott and Julie Stiegemeyer

"Your Marriage by Gods Design" by 	Scott & Julie StiegemeyerHow are Christians to start, or keep, marriage as God intends? How are God’s children to respond when the picture of Christ and His Church is portrayed as a cultural institution open to anyone s interpretation and traditional marriage is openly mocked as irrelevant? In Your Marriage by God s Design, authors Scott and Julie Stiegemeyer show that God has not left us directionless but instead has a beautiful plan and purpose His design for marriage, for your marriage.

Each chapter is filled with straightforward biblical insights, calling for the restoration of the purpose and dignity of marriage among Christians. God is the author of marriage and has a vision for your marriage. Examples and end-of-chapter articles provide additional support for those who are married, or preparing for marriage, and those who just want to explore. Your Marriage by God s Design upholds the gracious gifts God gives as readers learn and grow in the understanding and application of the Bible s teachings concerning married living.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Galatians Commentary

by Andrew Das

Galations Commentary by Andrew DasAbout this Volume
Paul’s fiercely passionate letter to the Galatians offers a rare glimpse into the early history of the emerging Christ-believing movement. Paul is seething with righteous indignation over the events at Galatia even as he conveys his hope that the Galatians might be coaxed back to the true Gospel.

The Galatians’ young faith was grappling with issues that would prove to be a watershed. Do gentile Christians need to adopt Moses’ Law and be circumcised as Jews in order to worship the God of the Jewish Savior? Or does Baptism incorporate every manner of person—without distinction—into Christ? Does faith alone suffice for salvation? Across the divide of two thousand years of time and cultural space, the letter to the Galatians is an authoritative witness to the catholic Gospel of salvation by grace alone, for all people alike.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Wine & the Word: Savor and Serve

by Kurt Senske

"Wine and the Word: Savor and Serve" by Kurt SenskeIn the pages of this book, the art and the miracle of wine, coupled with the vivid biblical imagery of the vineyard, open a lens onto God s abundant grace, and, in turn, onto our lives as disciples that we might fully savor God s blessings and serve those around us with great joy. Open this book and let the rich message of the goodness of God pour over you and into your life.

Senske helps us learn from both the Bible and history the connection we all have to wine. Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial

Using wine as a metaphor, Senske leads us through a full conversation about faith and character.This is a conversation worth having, alone or with a glass of wine. Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott International

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Friday, August 1, 2014

On Our Origins

by Dan Lepley

"On Our Origins" by Dan LepleyScience and religion need not be enemies in exploration of the origin and meaning of life. Each has its proper place in considering what Charles Darwin called the “mystery of mysteries” When properly understood, scientific research and Christian theological reflection contribute to a deeper understanding of these mysteries. On Our Origins explores both the scientific and scriptural narratives of creation and engages in a respectful conversation between the two. Instead of rejecting faith or science, it explores both in order to propose a reasonable and holistic Christian understanding of human existence. Many aspects of this timely discussion will culminate in an examination of the claims of Christ. Does faith in Jesus of Nazareth as Savior undermine science? Or has Jesus connected humanity to the Creator in a way that brings the spiritual and physical into harmonious relationship? This is an all-important mystery we seek to unravel because we will never know who we are until we come to terms with from whence we’ve come. “In the beginning, God” WWW.ONOURORIGINS.ORG

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Prodigal Press: Confronting the Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media

by Warren Smith

"Prodigal Press" by Warren SmithIn the nineteenth century, leading newspapers reported from a Christian perspective. Today, however, print and TV journalists increasingly take an anti-Christian stance while claiming to be neutral. Prodigal Press uncovers the shift to secular humanism that has radically altered what the media cover and how they report it.

Issuing a clarion call for Christians to reclaim American journalism, Olasky and Smith examine the influence of worldviews on reporting, objectivity, sensationalism, and crusading; the impact of legal, ethical, and technological changes; and the changes brought about by the 24/7 news cycle, the Internet, and social media.

Not all of us are called to be journalists, but every American whether he likes it or not has his thinking shaped by journalism. Prodigal Press will help you to understand both the blatant and the subtle ways in which journalists promote liberal and anti-Christian ideas.
Gary Bauer, President, American Values

The media s discrimination against people with a Christian worldview is a form of professional suicide. Prodigal Press gives new examples of anti-Christian bias, which ought to motivate more Christian young people to consider careers in journalism.
Cal Thomas, America s #1 nationally syndicated columnist

Marvin Olasky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is editor-in-chief of WORLD magazine and holds the Distinguished Chair in Journalism and Public Policy at Patrick Henry College. Olasky studied at Yale University and is the author of more than twenty books.

Warren Cole Smith is vice president of WORLD News Group, the publisher of WORLD magazine and WORLD News Service. He has written, co-written, or edited more than a dozen books on politics, religion, media, and culture.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense

by Robert George

"What is Marriage?" by Sherif GirgisUntil yesterday, no society had seen marriage as anything other than a conjugal partner­ship: a male-female union. What Is Marriage? identifies and defends the reasons for this historic consensus and shows why redefining civil marriage is unnecessary, unreasonable, and contrary to the common good.Originally published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, this book’s core argument quickly became the year’s most widely read essay on the most prominent scholarly network in the social sciences. Since then, it has been cited and debated by scholars and activists throughout the world as the most formidable defense of the tradition ever written. Now revamped, expanded, and vastly enhanced, What Is Marriage? stands poised to meet its moment as few books of this generation have.Rhodes Scholar Sherif Girgis, Heritage Foundation Fellow Ryan T. Anderson, and Princeton Professor Robert P. George offer a devastating critique of the idea that equality requires redefining marriage. They show why both sides must first answer the question of what marriage really is. They defend the principle that marriage, as a comprehensive union of mind and body ordered to family life, unites a man and a woman as husband and wife, and they document the social value of applying this principle in law.Most compellingly, they show that those who embrace same-sex civil marriage leave no firm ground–none–for not recognizing every relationship describable in polite English, including polyamorous sexual unions, and that enshrining their view would further erode the norms of marriage, and hence the common good.

Finally, What Is Marriage? decisively answers common objections: that the historic view is rooted in bigotry, like laws forbidding interracial marriage; that it is callous to people’s needs; that it can’t show the harm of recognizing same-sex couplings, or the point of recognizing infertile ones; and that it treats a mere “social construct” as if it were natural, or an unreasoned religious view as if it were rational.

If the marriage debate in America is decided soon, it will be with this book’s help or despite its powerful arguments.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

To Be Determined.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Summit

by Eric Alexander

"The Summit" by Eric AlexanderIt’s one of the greatest challenges one can face on Earth; an ascent to the top of the world on the slopes of Mount Everest. Eric Alexander experienced grace and a faith-empowering journey he will never forget as part of a record-setting team in May 2001, scaling the heights of Everest with his friend, blind climber Erik Weinhenmayer.

  • Experience some of the most dangerous locations in the world, including abject terror on Amadablam, a blind ski descent of Russia’s Mount Elbrus, and up Kilimanjaro in Africa with four blind teens
  • Gain wisdom in the application of trust, courage, innovation, teamwork, leadership, and integrity to overcome your own Everests
  • Discover practical faith lessons learned on the highest peaks of six continents

Here is the powerful story of Eric Alexander and his unique life journey of guiding people with disabilities to the most perilous places of the world, including Mount Everest’s first blind ascent. In The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone you will follow in their historic footsteps, and learn about faith, trust, prayer, depending on God, as well as the perseverance needed during these climbs and in your own life. Be inspired and motivated by Eric’s insight, not simply to survive but to thrive every day in God’s grace.

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